The Respironics SimplyGo is the only portable oxygen concentrator to offer continuous flow and pulse-dose delivery in one lightweight device, weighting only ten pounds. Built-in reliability 
SimplyGo strives to set a new standard in POC reliability. Designed, built, and rigorously tested to withstand the bumps and bangs of everyday life, SimplyGo can be counted on to perform reliably in real-world use day in and day out. The SimplyGo portable oxygen concentrator
Has continuous flow, pulse-dose, and sleep modes Weighs 10 lbs with battery installed, FAA approval

The Respironics SimplyGo Portable Oxygen Machine Includes: 
Respironics SimplyGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator 2 Batteries,Traveling Cart ,Carrying CaseShoulder Strap,Handle Strap ,AC Power Supply 
DC Power Supply,Accessory Bag 

The Units we use are the Respironics Simplygo and the Inogen One G2 and G3 units.  The Inogen G2 and G3 are pulse dose oxygen concentrators. The Simply go has the option to be continuous oxygen flow when plugged into ac power. It needs to be plugged in to use this setting as it cycles the unit very often and if left on battery will use a battery per hour. On a setting of 2 you will get up to 8 hours of battery life with on the Inogen G2 and G3 units, on the Simply go you will get 3-31/2 hours per battery.  The Simply go uses a smaller single battery. Two are included in the standard rental .  Additional batteries may be rented to extend the hours the unit can run on battery. Charging the unit is as easy as plugging the power cord into any AC wall outlet or any DC vehicle outlet. As an added bonus is that the unit can used while it is charging.  The Simply go are biggest unit at 10 pounds and comes with carry bag also a cart can be provided for easy transportation.  The Inogen G2 is 7 lbs and the G3 is 5 lbs. All our units are FAA approved for use on airplanes, and it is designed to fit flawlessly on all commercial aircraft.

All the units have LCD touch screen features controls that are easy to read and enable you to adjust the settings. 

A  standard rental comes with the carry bag and cord bag with AC and DC charge cords. You may also include a cart at no extra charge.

these are the portable concentrators that we use